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PIONEER Welcomes a New Team Member, Denise Laflamme, MS, MPH!

We are excited to welcome Denise Laflamme, MS, MPH as the newest member of the PIONEER Team. Denise is a professional epidemiologist and toxicologist with more than 25 years of successful environmental health experience. Denise’s accomplishments in environmental toxicology include serving as Washington State Department of Health’s representative to the legislature for various environmental topics including children’s environmental health, hazardous waste in fertilizers, and biomonitoring. She also served as Washington State Department of Health’s technical lead for successful legislation to ban polybrominated diphenyl ethers in products and set limits for lead, cadmium, and phthalates in children’s products sold in Washington State. She is a successful author/co-author of multiple toxicological and environmental health publications for the Washington State Department of Health and the Washington State Department of Ecology. Denise’s toxicology, epidemiology, and risk assessment expertise and regulatory experience will add a unique and valuable perspective to PIONEER's environmental projects. Her attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and ability to find strategic solutions for complicated environmental problems will be invaluable.

Kevin Gallagher Adds a New Degree to His Resume!

Congratulations to Kevin Gallagher for earning a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Safety Management! Kevin is the Corporate health and safety leader for PIONEER as well a busy environmental Project Manager. Knowing that safety issues are more complex than they were in the past, and that today’s safety professionals must be highly qualified to have a comprehensive understanding of the issues, Kevin made the commitment to pursue this degree. Kevin studied systems safety, human factors engineering, program management and evaluation, safety law, and policy analysis while earning this degree. The knowledge he gained during these classes will help Kevin in his role as the health and safety leader overseeing contractors and facilitating/overseeing projects in the field. Kevin’s practical knowledge of safety administration with his advanced skills in occupational health and safety problem solving and analysis will ensure that PIONEER employees, contractors, and customers are safe when they visit or work at our sites.

Vanessa Nygren Earns a Graphic Design Certification!

Congratulations to Vanessa Nygren for earning a Graphic Designer I certification. Vanessa enhanced her already stellar design skills by taking courses in design principals, InDesign, Photoshop, printing, and web design. She has used the knowledge she gained in these courses to create a broad range of visual communication tools for PIONEER and our clients, including fact sheets, newsletters, web sites, and a risk communication “risk wheel” which is used by the United States Navy to communicate risk communication concepts. She has also coupled her CAD experience with design concepts to create graphical representations of conceptual site models and effective Geographical Information Systems maps. We’re excited about the products Vanessa is creating to support our environmental projects!

Dan Mauch Passes His CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Exams!

Mr. Mauch is working toward his bachelor’s degree in software development, and recently passed his exams for both CompTIA A+ and Comp TIA Network+ certifications. His ability to troubleshoot hardware, software, and networking issues in the office helps PIONEER reduce downtime in the event of hardware failures or networking issues. He has already assisted other team members by addressing software configuration and printing issues, which helps maintain our high levels of productivity.