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PIONEER has provided customers with innovative, protective, and cost-effective environmental and data management solutions for the past 25 years. PIONEER team members possess interdisciplinary backgrounds in environmental consulting, toxicology, biology, chemistry, geology, hydrogeology, engineering, GIS, software design, and programming. Our diverse academic backgrounds, coupled with years of experience evaluating and solving environmental, issues ensures that your project will be managed and executed by qualified professionals who are invested in the success of your project.

We are also recognized for developing state-of-the-art software applications that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of data management and evaluations. We work with our clients to design, develop, and deploy software solutions that work seamlessly with existing systems. PIONEER develops cutting-edge Microsoft .NET Framework-based Enterprise-Level Websites. Experience with SQL Server, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, and other online technologies enable PIONEER to produce visually-dynamic web content that is usable and ensures customer satisfaction.

Our technical expertise, knowledge of regulatory requirements, familiarity with regulators, and risk management approaches allow us to guide our customers successfully through the Site Investigation, evaluation, remediation, and redevelopment process. We recognize that each site has a unique set of requirements that must be communicated and addressed. We work as strong advocates for our customers' while in meetings with regulators in order to communicate unique site conditions in an effort to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

PIONEER is highly effective at Brownfield redevelopment, due to our ability to easily articulate and quantify how cleanup levels, remediation alternatives, and Site Redevelopment plans are intertwined. As a result, PIONEER has successfully enabled the on-site reuse of marginally-contaminated soil at many of our customers’ sites in order to significantly reduce off-site disposal costs. PIONEER also has a long track record of working well with developers, land-use planners, designers and architects, engineers, construction companies, consulting firms, regulators, and public stakeholders to develop and facilitate synergistic outcomes. Thus, what is often viewed by developers as a liability or cost (e.g., marginally-contaminated soil) is turned into an asset (e.g., reuse of on-site soil can be used as a borrow material rather than having to truck in soil).

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We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Many of our customers are repeat customers who have awarded us additional work based on our past performance.