Our employees enjoy spending time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, including spending time at Mt. Rainier. Three employee's (Kevin Gallagher, Heather McPherson, and Daniel Mauch) shared their photos and experiences on this majestic mountain. Kevin Gallagher, a PIONEER project manager and Site Safety Officer, hiked the 93+ mile Wonderland Trail in one effort, trekked 35+ times to Camp Muir (an elevation of 10,000 feet), and climbed eight times to the summit. In addition to hiking Mt. Rainier, Kevin has skied Little Tahoma (a satellite peak that is considered the 3rd highest mountain in the State of Washington), and descended from the top of the mountain on two ski excursions.

Heather McPherson, a PIONEER project engineer, recently hiked to Skyscraper Mountain for an amazing view of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding mountains and river valleys. She took in the beautiful scenery of blooming wildflowers in the subalpine meadows, including her favorite, the dark blue gentian flower. Alongside the gentian flowers were sunbathing marmots, including a rarely-seen baby marmot, who was also enjoying the warmth of the sun on this beautiful day.

Daniel Mauch, a PIONEER software technician, has a completely different perspective of Mt. Rainer...from the sky. The benefit of a friend with a pilot's license meant that Dan was able to enjoy an aerial volcano tour, which included close-up views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mount St. Helens. Just one of the many scenic benefits of living in the beautiful State of Washington.

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