ASafety Day event was conducted this fall at the Superlon site in Tacoma, Washington. Project leaders Jeff King and Steve Duggan of Pacific Environmental & Redevelopment Corporation, and our own Kevin Gallagher, hosted the day-long safety event. The purpose of the event was to assemble everyone who might work at the site during the upcoming remediation project to discuss safety concerns and measures that will be taken to ensure worker safety during the project. King, Duggan, and Gallagher led the site-focused safety discussions and activities. The event began with a 7:00 AM tailgate safety meeting (a daily requirement for field activity participation), followed by an overview of the upcoming remediation activities, and personal protective equipment requirements. A site-safety walk and a discussion of roles, responsibilities, and expectations were also on the agenda. Together, the leaders and participants proactively identified and analyzed potential hazards that might arise during remediation activities and collectively determined protective controls to address potential issues. Safety Day was a success, and everyone left informed and prepared to kick-off and safely perform remediation activities.