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Cedar Mountain, NC, USA
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PIONEER is leading the remediation effort at a 475-acre former manufacturing facility in Brevard, North Carolina, in the heart of the DuPont State Recreational Forest. This hazardous waste site is being remediated under the North Carolina regulation commonly referred to as the Risk Bill. The Risk Bill allows risk-based remediation as a cleanup option at contaminated sites where the use of remedial actions and land-use controls can reliably ensure that affected properties are safe for their intended use.

Our Solution

PIONEER worked closely with our client and stakeholders to draft the very first remedial action plan that the State of North Carolina received (and approved) under the new Risk Bill. The purpose of the remedial action plan was to present a path forward for completing the remaining remedial actions for this large, complex site so the property could be donated to the State of North Carolina. The remedial effort at this site was of particular interest to the community because of the location of the property, which is in the center of the popular DuPont State Recreational Forest. The remedial actions were developed based on the State’s planned future use of the site, which includes a mix of recreational, administrative (e.g., offices), and National Guard low-impact training, to ensure that the site is protective of human health and the environment.


PIONEER is working with the project team to implement the remaining remedial actions at the site. Remedial activities include sampling soil and surface water to verify previous sampling results and implementing institutional and engineering controls throughout the site. Remediation efforts are ongoing.