Naples Public Health Evaluation

Naples, italy
Project Overview

The Campania region of Italy is located in southwestern Italy and is divided into five provinces: Napoli (Naples), Benevento, Avellino, Caserta and Salerno.  Naples is the capital city of Campania and is over 2,800 years old.  The population of Naples proper is approximately one million people.  The Campania region of Italy has experienced numerous challenges associated with trash collection, uncontrolled, open burning of uncollected trash, and widespread dumping of waste, including chemical and other potentially hazardous waste for more than a decade.  

On behalf of the United States Navy, PIONEER conducted a risk assessment to determine whether or not there were any potential health impacts associated with exposure to surface soil, indoor air, tap water, and ambient air to Navy personnel (active duty, civilians, and their families), residing in the Naples area of Campania.  The risk assessment was conducted in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Risk Assessment Guidance.


Our role

This risk assessment focused on the Naples area of Campania - where USN Personnel work and live - and was completed in two phases.  Phase I included a month-long regional ambient air monitoring program at nine air sampling stations, and sampling of tap water (from both private well and municipal water sources), irrigation wells (where available), soil, and passive soil gas from 130 residences (single-family homes and apartments) and 10 U.S. Government-related facilities.  Phase II was conducted to improve the spatial/geographic distribution of the sampling locations and to further investigate clusters of residences that exceeded risk criteria during Phase I.  Two hundred and nine residences were sampled during Phase II, and the month long ambient air monitoring program from Phase I was continued for one full year.  Additional residences were sampled in response to data that were obtained during Phase I and Phase II.  In total, 543 residences were sampled over a time period of approximately two and a half years.  Tap water, soil, and soil gas samples were collected from residences and analyzed for approximately 241 constituents; tap water samples were also tested for microorganisms (e.g., fecal coliform and total coliforms). 


Based on the results of the sampling, PIONEER provided each resident with a letter report, which communicated the analytical results for the samples collected at their residence, the risks, the risk-management category determined by the Navy, actions that the Navy is taking based on the results, and actions that the resident can take based on the results. 

PIONEER’s project manager also traveled to the region regularly with Navy personnel to support the Navy in communicating risk results with Navy leadership and risk communication events coordinated for Navy personnel residing in Naples.

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