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Oakley, CA, USA
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The DuPont Antioch Plant is a former chemical-manufacturing facility that produced chlorofluorocarbons, fuel-additive anti-knock compounds, and titanium dioxide. The DuPont Chemical Company operated the 378-acre Antioch Plant in Oakley, California between 1955 and 1998. Soil and groundwater have been affected by chemicals associated with various Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Solid Waste Management Units and Areas of Concern across the former facility. Beginning in 2002, PIONEER has provided DuPont with a variety of services (e.g., strategic planning, investigation, evaluation, risk assessment, corrective-measures design, corrective implementation, and redevelopment) during various site RCRA corrective-action phases.

Our Solution

PIONEER has used risk-based, site-specific approaches to address potential exposure pathways at the site. For instance, we conducted extensive evaluations to demonstrate that the soil-to-groundwater pathway, which is often the primary driver for cleanup levels at sites, could be eliminated from further consideration. Another important exposure pathway and potential hurdle for redeveloping the site with future new building construction was the potential for vapor intrusion of volatile chemicals from soil and groundwater into indoor air. PIONEER developed a state-of-the-art vapor intrusion mitigation plan that identified areas where vapor intrusion might have been a concern, and also developed appropriate mitigation measures such as vapor barriers and passive convertible ventilation systems, to facilitate site redevelopment.

PIONEER’s technology and proprietary software have been instrumental in the investigation, cleanup, and redevelopment of this mega-site. PIONEER’s DuPont Antioch Plant project database has over 400,000 records and PIONEER was able to easily and quickly manage, integrate, evaluate, and report site data and perform "what-if" risk assessments for various redevelopment scenarios by using SiteSTAT, Visual SmartRISK, and GIS.


PIONEER has helped advance the investigation, cleanup, and redevelopment of the site. Our unique understanding of risk assessment, data management, visualization, and Site Investigation strategies has enabled us to identify custom solutions that add value and help streamline the investigation, cleanup, and redevelopment process.