East Bay  Redevelopment Site

olympia, washington
Project Overview

The Port of Olympia (Port) is transforming a 14-acre former industrial waterfront property into a mixed-use development in downtown Olympia as part of the East Bay Redevelopment Project.  PIONEER has completed a variety of tasks at this MTCA site in support of the Port’s redevelopment efforts, which is the largest brownfield redevelopment project in downtown Olympia’s history.  On behalf of the Port, PIONEER has performed tasks such as (1) negotiating with Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) regulators in collaboration with Port staff and Port legal counsel, (2) preparing reports, technical memoranda, and other deliverables, and (3) collecting and analyzing samples from a variety of media. 

Our role

PIONEER provided critical strategic planning and regulatory-negotiation support to the Port for technical and administrative issues associated with this Site, which were subject to considerable regulatory and public scrutiny.  PIONEER played an integral role in negotiating and communicating with Port staff, regulators, redevelopment partners, and other stakeholders.  PIONEER’s proximity to the site, Port office, and Ecology office has enabled more efficient completion of project planning, regulatory negotiations, and sampling events.  From 2008 to present, PIONEER authored a wide variety of reports, technical memoranda, and deliverables related to the Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Study, Infrastructure Interim Cleanup Action, and Parcel 4/5 Interim Cleanup Action phases.  As a result, PIONEER has been effective in helping the Port achieve its redevelopment, schedule, and budget goals.

innovative solutions

One project highlight was the Infrastructure Interim Cleanup Action.  PIONEER completed its portion of the tightly-scheduled Infrastructure Interim Cleanup Action ahead of time and under budget.  During the Infrastructure Interim Cleanup Action, PIONEER developed risk-based remediation levels, completed the remedial design, wrote the cleanup action plan, proposed engineering controls, optimized the sampling and analysis plan, provided strategic planning for project cost control, conducted compliance monitoring, designated how soil could be reused, and provided environmental oversight during construction.  Prior to PIONEER’s involvement, default unrestricted (i.e., residential) land use criteria were proposed as the cleanup criteria for the Infrastructure Interim Cleanup Action.  Once PIONEER became involved in the project, PIONEER was able to use its expertise in human health risk assessment and MTCA regulations to create a solution that was focused on the actual future land use, which resulted in the use of site-specific cleanup criteria that were protective of human health and the environment and also maximized on-site soil reuse and significantly decreased off-site disposal costs. 

Other Projects

PIONEER has managed numerous environmental projects throughout the United States and abroad.  We have conducted investigations at large, complex sites as well as small, simple sites.  Our project managers provide the same high level of customer service and attention to detail regardless of the size of the project.  The projects highlighted on our website are generally representative of our work.  For additional project examples, please contact us.

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