Data Management

Using Technology to Evaluate Environmental Issues

PIONEER has the unique ability to expertly apply computer technology to risk assessment and environmental issues. Our software programs allow us to focus our time and effort on managing big picture issues, rather than managing spreadsheets and worrying about data entry and errors in calculations.

Our programming capabilities keep us on the cutting edge of technology and environmental science, and have made our clients' wishes a reality. We have developed computer software applications for the environmental field including Visual SmartRISK™, SiteSTAT™, and SmartTOX™. SmartRISK is a tool for managing risk assessment information. In SmartRISK we can build and evaluate multi-chemical, multi-pathway risk assessment models in a fraction of the time it takes other consultants. SiteSTAT is a visual data analysis tool, which allows PIONEER to streamline and analyze data quickly and efficiently. SmartTOX is an electronic source of the most current USEPA toxicity data.

PIONEER also uses technology to assist in project management and coordination. PIONEER has built "Project Web-Portals," which are websites that facilitate information exchange and coordination between project team members. Project websites can be as simple as file sharing websites where documents can be uploaded or downloaded, or as complex as sites that have discussion groups, document sharing, contact lists, schedules, announcements, events, interactive mapping (GIS), and data exchange. We have used this approach successfully on multiple projects where the Project Web-Portal has become the single source for information exchange between the client, project team members, regulators, and the public. The Project Web-Portals are password protected and access to specific content can be granted or denied based on the user's security privileges.

We also utilize the latest in GPS equipment for highly accurate data collection. PIONEER has the tools and expertise to tackle any spatial problem.