Environmental Engineering

Alternative Approaches and Innovative Technologies

A key component of every site cleanup is determining the remedial-action objectives and selecting the right remediation solution. PIONEER has developed remedial-action objectives, prepared feasibility studies and corrective measures studies, and developed remedial designs for a variety of sites, contaminants, and environmental media. Our innovative solutions incorporate redevelopment considerations into every step of the process, and focus on the ultimate "no further action" goal.

We collaborate with our customers to define objectives and identify solutions that are focused on their project needs. The PIONEER team is well versed with alternative approaches and innovative technologies for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. We can apply our extensive remediation experience during typical remedy evaluation, remedy selection phases, and preliminary investigation phases to forecast costs and avoid common investigation and assessment pitfalls. PIONEER provides the following comprehensive experience:

  • Soil excavation and off-site disposal
  • On-site soil reuse or landfill construction
  • Soil cover / capping
  • Solidification / stabilization
  • Soil washing
  • Air sparging / soil vapor extraction
  • Groundwater pump-and-treat systems
  • In-situ bioremediation
  • Storm water treatment
  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • In-situ chemical reduction
  • In-situ thermal treatment
  • In-situ phytoremediation
  • Monitored natural attenuation
  • Institutional controls
  • Vapor intrusion mitigation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings

Our broad experience performing feasibility studies and engineering evaluations results in exceptional remedial designs that add value to the site redevelopment process. PIONEER performs turnkey services such as preparation of contract bid specifications, management of the bid process, and performance of remediation activities.