Geographic Information Systems

Design and Implementation

PIONEER utilizes cutting edge technology including Environmental Visualization Systems (EVS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to create highly advanced maps and cross sections, perform spatial analysis, and depict site contamination. We are experts at creating simple, yet effective, maps that communicate site conditions with customers, agencies, stakeholders, and the community, in addition to solving complex spatial problems. Programs such as EVS allow us to depict plume modeling and create fence diagrams.

Our GIS expertise is comprehensive and includes the proficient use of analysis tools in both raster and vector formats and in the use of the Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst extensions. The resulting products have the potential to easily generate maps that are often used to support data visualization for redevelopment planning, interactive maps, sampling program development, and risk communication. Some of the most common maps include:

  • Cut and fill maps
  • Thiessen polygon maps
  • Migration pattern analysis
  • Pollution analysis maps
  • Meteorological maps
  • Land use/land cover maps
  • Digital elevation models
  • Ambient air modeling & plume animation

PIONEER utilizes the latest in GPS equipment for highly accurate data collection. PIONEER has the tools and expertise to professionally address, evaluate, and display any spatial problem by presenting data in a variety of useful and comprehensive visual platforms for our clients.