Risk Assessment


Recognized Experts

PIONEER project managers are experts in risk assessment.  Our approach to human health and ecological risk assessments is extraordinarily progressive. Our experience and knowledge, combined with our ability to apply innovative ideas, advanced technology, and strong negotiation skills, enable us to produce Customer Focused, Solution Driven results every time. Our scientists effectively communicate risk information to regulators, stakeholders, and project opponents.

We have performed risk assessments for sites, facilities, and proposed facilities throughout the world. Our experience working in a variety of regulatory environments ensures that we understand the level of effort and attention to detail required for satisfying state and federal regulators. We are expert risk assessors who are constantly developing better, more cost-effective ways to conduct and evaluate risk assessments, always keeping the remediation goals in mind.

A majority of our projects are complex sites (i.e., sites with multiple operable units, media of concern, chemicals of concern, and exposure pathways of concern) that usually have a variety of stakeholders involved and are often “political” or “controversial.” The complexity of the sites has required creative ideas and implementation of low-cost alternative management strategies (e.g., evaluating the cost/benefit of future restricted land use and long-term monitoring versus unrestricted land use, and implementing risk-based GIS decision systems to facilitate prioritizing site cleanups by those areas with the highest risk first).

Through the use of our own software, Visual SmartRISK™, SiteSTAT™ and SmartTOX™, we are able to streamline and more effectively manage our risk assessment models. We are able to apply site-specific parameters, and calculate and evaluate risk assessment models in a fraction of the time it takes other consultants. We can even share the results from our software with Excel, Word, and GIS for our customers’ use.