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Visual SmartRISK Visual SmartRISK™
Visual SiteSTAT Visual SiteSTAT™
eDataRoom eDataRoom
Cloud Drive Cloud Drive
Field Notes Field Notes
CHOC Organizer CHOC Organizer
Document Tracker Document Tracker

We have developed a customized Suite of Software Tools focused on our customers' environmental and technological project needs. These tools also enable PIONEER to generate, manage, and present environmental information and data using streamlined approaches which save time and money. In addition, these tools are customizable so that they can be modified to meet individual project requirements.

Visual SmartRISK

Visual SmartRISK™

SmartRISK™ is a powerful human health risk assessment and ecological risk assessment modeling program capable of data evaluation and reduction, exposure assessment, toxicity assessment, and risk characterization.

Evaluate data quickly and accurately.

  • Use to manage data/information
  • Evaluate multi-chemical, multi-pathway risk assessments
  • Build efficient risk assessment models
  • Calculate risk and export summary results
Visual SiteSTAT

Visual SiteSTAT™

SiteSTAT™ is a user-friendly, data analysis program used to organize, store, query, statistically analyze, and evaluate environmental data.  SiteSTAT™ simplifies the process of calculating descriptive statistics and comparing analytical data to standards.

Provide streamlined data storage and visual data analysis.

  • Use as a data repository to import laboratory environmental data deliverables
  • Add dynamic sample attribute information to facilitate data evaluation
  • Select and evaluate unique data sets quickly with powerful query tools
  • Produce complex statistical analysis in an easily understandable format
  • Export customized tables for reports


eDataRoom is a secure repository for all site documents and analytical data that are accessible to interested parties during due diligence evaluations when environmental sites are being sold.

Provide secure access to all site documents for interested parties to perform due diligence on a site.

  • Use as a repository to store all site documents
  • Locate and research data and reports specific to a certain site or area of a site
  • Empower user to find site-specific answers through file and spatial searches
  • View associated data and files on a map without using ArcMap
  • Search files by filename, description, and document content
Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive is secure, cloud-based file storage which allows for quick file-sharing, file downloading, and flexible remote accessibility.

Share large documents securely and privately.

  • Organize and share files quickly and easily
  • Use as secure cloud storage for risk assessments and environmental site data and information
  • Collaborate with customers while maintaining security and privacy
Field Notes

Field Notes

Field Notes is a responsive web application that allows teams to expedite field documentation activities including notes, pictures, daily forms, and other information in the field using cell phones or tablets.

Provide fieldwork notes and documentation quickly and accurately.

  • Use to efficiently document field notes, photos, or other environmental site information
  • Operate application from Android phones, iPhones, tablets, or desktop computer
  • Record audio notes, take photos, and document technical information
  • Access from any location with internet access
  • Monitor fieldwork activities and progress from the office of other off-site location(s)'
CHOC Organizer

CHOC Organizer

CHOC Organizer is a software application tool designed to simplify sample name/label production and chronological completion of chain-of-custody field operation procedures.

Minimize errors and save time, and digitize chain-of-custody documentation and sample labels for jars.

  • Use to facilitate chain-of-custody fieldwork procedures
  • Save time by eliminating errors
  • Create digital chain-of-custody and sample jar labels
  • Use anywhere due to web-accessibility
  • Customize to meet project needs
  • Produce sample list to QA against lab deliveries
Document Tracker

Document Tracker

Document Tracker is a website accessible to project teams to view all eDataRoom files. Project teams can use this tool to assign hundreds of documents to team members for review when performing a due diligence evaluation on a site, and then track the team member's reviewed documents.

Provide detailed, methodical document review tracking for numerous site documents when performing due diligence evaluations.

  • Use to track the review and edit of documents by multiple people
  • Leverages eDataRoom capabilities
  • Assign multiple reviewers to a document
  • Secure login allows document review, editing, and status tracking