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Arkema Site


    The Arkema site, located in Tacoma, Washington, along the Hylebos Waterway, is a 48-acre former manufacturing site now owned by the Port of Tacoma. The site was in operation from 1927 to 1997, and products that were originally manufactured at the site include chlorine, sodium hydroxide (caustic), sodium chlorate, hydrochloric acid, and sodium arsenite (Penite). The primary constituent of concern is arsenic, though other metals have been found as well, in both the groundwater and the soil.

    Our Solution

    The Arkema site has undergone several remediation activities in conjunction with the Commencement Bay/Nearshore Tide Flats (CB/NT) CERCLA site, as well as a 1987 consent decree under the clean water act. The PIONEER team is working on the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) site under an agreed order effective from 2011 to help with the remediation and redevelopment for the site, which will be eventually used for industrial purposes.


    PIONEER is in the beginning stages of addressing the remediation needs of the Arkema site. The PIONEER team is currently refining a common safety method and conducting a feasibility study in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Ecology. PIONEER is leading soil and groundwater treatment and addressing remediation needs, such as direct contact pathways and potential surface water exposures. Additionally, treatability studies are being conducted, and the production of a cost recovery report is also underway. PIONEER is continuing to provide in-depth knowledge of risk assessment, data management, visualization, and investigative strategies that will lead to effective solutions for the Arkema site.