Blog 1

Chris Waldron, PE

Chris Waldron is a professional environmental engineer with over twenty-seven years of successful environmental consulting and project management experience.

Blog 2

Brad Grimsted, MS, MBA

Brad Grimsted has successfully managed environmental projects for more than thirty years. He is an expert in environmental investigations, toxicology, risk assessment, and project management.

Blog 3

Troy Bussey Jr, PE, LG, LHG

Troy Bussey is a uniquely-qualified and highly-effective engineer, geologist, and project manager with more than twenty-five years of experience

Blog 4

Denise LaFlamme, MS, MPH

Denise Laflamme is an accomplished (and published) epidemiologist and toxicologist with over twenty-eight years of experience in public health while at the Washington State Department of Health.

Blog 5

Eric Grimsted

Eric Grimsted has over thirteen years of commercial software development and data management experience.

Blog 6

Kara Roberts

Kara Roberts is a GIS expert with over ten years of experience managing projects, and creating and communicating site data through mapping.

Blog 7

Kevin Gallagher, MS, ASP

Kevin Gallagher is a project manager with over fifteen years of technical and project management experience.

Blog 12

Chris Rennix, ScD, MS, CIH

Chris Rennix is a principal scientist with over thirty-five years of occupational and environmental health experience.

Blog 9

Satoshi Shimoji

Satoshi Shimoji is an accomplished software engineer with over eighteen years of commercial software development and data management experience.

Blog 10

Angela Noyen

Angela Noyen is an accomplished project manager and project scientist with over 16 years of strong project management, strategic planning, logistics, and environmental science experience.

Blog 11

Joel Hecker, LG, PG

Joel Hecker is a professional geologist with over eight years of experience in environmental assessments, brownfield remediation, groundwater modeling, and site cleanup & redevelopment.

Blog 11

Barb Roloff

Barb Roloff has over sixteen years of environmental consulting experience. She is responsible for all of PIONEER's technical editing and marketing tasks.

Blog 10

Zach Vaughn

Zach Vaughn is an experienced software developer on PIONEERs Development Team, and guides the development process of web and desktop applications with a focus on testing and quality assurance.

Blog 9

Jahrel Balon

Jahrel Balon is a software developer with over six years of pixel-perfecting experience, and adds a creative edge to PIONEER's Development Team.

Blog 10

Kendra Johnson

Kendra Johnson is an administrative assistant with exceptional organizational, time management, and communication skills.

Blog 11

Melisa Kegans

Melisa Kegans is a staff scientist with experience in data analysis, regulation compliance, and GIS.

Blog 11

Christian Armstrong

Christian Armstrong is a software technician with a background in computer programming and web development, and is the software test lead for the Software Development Team.

Blog 11

Casey Gruse

Casey Gruse is a software technician on PIONEERs Development Team with extensive experience in web development, desktop applications, and automation technologies.

Blog 11

Hannah Briley

Hannah Briley joined the PIONEER Team as a staff engineer in 2019. She is a licensed EIT in Washington State and is currently working on her Masters of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with an environmental focus from Saint Martin’s University.

Blog 11

Stephanie Herrera

Stephanie Herrera joined the PIONEER Team as a staff engineer in 2019. She is a graduate from the University of Washington, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Blog 11

Nathan Starr, L.G. (CA, WA)

Nathan Starr is a senior project manager and licensed geologist in Washington and California. He has more than twenty years’ experience in contaminant hydrogeology and cleanup.

Blog 11

Kelsey Bonnicksen

Kelsey Bonnicksen is a software technician on PIONEERs Data Team with a background in computer programming, automation technologies, and data management.