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Casey Gruse

Software Technician

Casey Gruse joined PIONEER in 2019 as a software technician with PIONEERs Development Team. Casey has an associate’s degree in Computer Programming and certification in .NET from Clover Park Technical College. Casey is skilled in automation technologies which he uses to test the functionality of software and simulate a real-life user environment for the web-based products being developed by the PIONEER Development Team for our customers. With a background in web development and desktop applications, Casey provides great support for the team by designing build verification tests to ensure clean deployment processes and software testing tasks. Casey is always very thorough in his quality assurance/quality control procedures which guarantee efficient and effective software performance for our products. He has programming experience with ASP.NET, .NET, C#, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and JQuery. Beyond his technical skills, he is a welcome member to PIONEER who is easy going, loves challenges, and enjoys learning from his peers.