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Chris Waldron, PE


Chris Waldron is a professional environmental engineer with over twenty-seven years of successful environmental consulting and project management experience. Chris's achievements can be directly attributed to his commitment to hard work, his dedication to our customers and employees, his knowledge and desire to keep learning, and his energy and enthusiasm to lead teams. Chris’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service is one of the things that drives him to find the best, most practicable solution(s) for our customers. He is an effective communicator and writer, and an exceptional negotiator. Chris has developed, negotiated, and implemented risk-based strategies at numerous Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), CERCLA, and RCRA sites. He is a recognized expert in the MTCA rule and was asked by the Washington State Department of Ecology to write sections of the Sediment Cleanup User’s Manual that will accompany the revised Sediment Management Standards. He was also the primary author of the United States Navy’s Human Health Risk Assessment Guidance and Vapor Intrusion Guidance documents. Chris’s dedication, experience, and expertise add value to each and every one of his projects.