Who We Are


Denise Laflamme, MS, MPH

Senior Scientist

Denise Laflamme is an accomplished (and published) epidemiologist and toxicologist with over twenty-six years of experience in public health while at the Washington State Department of Health. She has masters’ degrees in public health and toxicology, and has extensive experience in risk communication, risk assessment, surveillance and epidemiology methods, project management, and public policy. Her extensive experience in epidemiology, toxicology, and risk assessment provide solutions for project teams on Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), RCRA, CERCLA, and other regulated environmental sites. Denise is an excellent leader and team player who has a strong work ethic and positive attitude. She is an exceptional communicator, mentor, and problem solver. Denise provides input and advice on many facets of PIONEER’s projects with her main focus on human health risk assessment, toxicology, and epidemiology, where she determines impacts to human health and the environment.  In addition to being an accomplished epidemiologist and toxicologist, she has authored multiple  publications in, but not limited to, the Environmental Health Perspectives for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences peer-reviewed open access journal, in the Official Publication of Society for Risk Analysis, and in Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry.