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Kara Roberts

Project Scientist

Kara Roberts is a GIS expert with over nine years of experience managing projects, and creating and communicating site data through mapping. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable, which has made her an invaluable GIS resource for the PIONEER Team and our customers. She examines and evaluates a data set until she has a complete understanding of the intricacies of the data, and she expertly communicates the results to customers, regulators, and stakeholders through maps. Kara has designed and instructed custom GIS training courses for the United States United States Navy (USN). She has also been responsible for managing a large exposure assessment for an overseas military base on behalf of the USN, and has written multiple technical documents in support of the evaluation. Kara has performed risk assessments, participated in risk communication events, and supported all phases of hazardous waste site investigations. She has also planned and performed multiple field activities, including multimedia sampling and real-time dust monitoring.