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Stephanie Herrera

Staff Engineer

Stephanie Herrera joined the PIONEER Team as a staff engineer in 2019. She is a graduate from the University of Washington, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Stephanie has a strong background in environmental, bioengineering, and chemical engineering research. She has experience testing wastewater treatment samples, conducting data analysis, and calibrating and operating environmental, bio, and 3D modeling equipment. Stephanie is currently responsible for providing QA/QC expertise on a large groundwater project in North Carolina. She is using SQL to identify issues that need to be worked on, reports those issues to the project team in the form of graphs and metrics, and proposes how the issues can best be addressed. Stephanie has her HAZWOPER certificate and her eagerness to be hands-on will be a great value to a large-scale sampling and remediation effort to be conducted this fall.