PIONEER’s diverse academic backgrounds, coupled with years of experience successfully evaluating and solving environmental issues, ensures that your project will be managed and executed by qualified professionals committed to hard work.

PIONEER team photo (2022)
Avery drilling the floor Kevin homogenizing a soil sample
Melisa holding a turtle PIONEER Softball Team achieving 1st place victory (2022)
Jahrel, Christian, and Casey (2020) Joel on a sampling boat

Core Values

We work as a team to accomplish PIONEER’s mission and our personal and professional goals, providing the best customer experience while maintaining a positive and collaborative work environment. We support one another, are positive role models, and show our appreciation.


We ensure our employees’ and others’ safety through training and planning, and continually evaluating, and improving our safety procedures. We focus on safety for all projects regardless of the size or scope of the work and prioritize safety over production and schedule.


We provide unparalleled customer experience by making our customers our number one priority, focusing on their needs, and performing our best work on each project. We do what is right even when no one is looking.


We find cost-effective, streamlined, smart solutions for our customers’ projects and we create innovative, user-friendly, and reliable software products. We consider the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our actions and the actions of those who are working on our behalf.

Health & Safety

We are committed to employee safety and accident/injury prevention. Safety is a key element of how we conduct business and one of our core values. We are committed to ensuring employee safety through training, planning, and continually evaluating and improving safety procedures. We focus on safety for all projects, regardless of size or scope.

Our excellent safety record is a testament to our strong safety culture:

  • Individuals hold safety as a value, not just a priority
  • Individuals take responsibility for the safety of co-workers as well as themselves
  • Supervisors and employees act in partnership and each is empowered to act on their sense of responsibility to create a safe workplace.